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Expert Services

Our office provides expert witness services to clients, attorneys and U.S. courts that need the issues of Iranian Law involving their case to be explained to an American judge.






Intellectual Property ( IP)

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In Iranian law Intellectual property is a brood concept that covers several types of legally recognized rights arising from some type of intellectual creativity. Intellectual property typically includes:

1)    Copyright and related rights

2)    Industrial property 



1-844-IRAN-LAW provide a wide range of services and advice in the protection of proprietary rights in trade.





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Industrial property

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Under Iranian law, a trademark can be protected on the basis of registration. 

Under Iranian law industrial property has as its objects:

1.   patents;

2.   utility models;

3.   industrial designs;

4.   trademarks;

5.   service marks;

6.   trade names;

7.   indication of source; or

8.   appellations of origin; and

9.   the repression of unfair competition (Article 10(2)).

 Iranian laws and regulations provide specific legal rules pertaining to a number of the above subjects. 


The lifting of economic and financial sanctions on Iran in January of 2016 has opened up Iran’s economy for businesses to re-engage with the country.

The sanctions that were lifted on 16 January 2016, the Implementation Day of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) include in sectors such as:

   1.   Financial, banking and insurance;

  2.  Oil, gas and petrochemical;

  3.  Shipping, shipbuilding and transport;

  4. Gold, other precious metals, banknotes and coinage; and

  5.  Software.

The complete list of sectors and details of sanctions-related commitments can be found in Annex II of JCPOA. 

1-844 IRAN-LAW helping clients engage in lawful trade with an exceptionally promising and uncharted emerging market.





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providing legal and business advice

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The number of international companies that are either negotiating, or planning, or at least considering a return to the Iranian market is increasing. Sooner or later, foreign companies need to initiate the process of negotiating an agreement with their Iranian counterparts. In that case they have to respond to few difficult questions: What are the crucial issues of concern during the negotiation process? Later, when the parties start the process of drafting their agreement(s), what are the key issues that the foreign party must take into consideration? What are the legal sources of international commercial contracts in the Iranian legal system? Is there any specific law that determines the limits of the contract law of Iran? How the laws of Iran interact with its jurisprudence? Would it be necessary for a foreign party to learn about Sharia rules, as far as international commercial contracts are concerned? 

1-844-IRAN-LAW is experienced in providing legal and business advice to international companies on commercial contracts such as agency, distribution, licensing, manufacturing and retail.








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We are also experienced in assisting clients with the formation of joint ventures, liquidation and dissolution and restructuring of companies.






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Call us at 1-844-IRAN-LAW or email us at to discuss your case.